Technological Applications for Law Enforcement Officers

E-books for Law Enforcement Officers

* These  "e-Books" of IPC, CrPC ,etc., easily fit into most phones (each file is of about 250 Kb) . All you need to download them is a PC with internet connection and a phone with USB cable for connecting to the PC (More than 100 common brands are supported).

* There are three ways of using the books:

A) At your leisure, you can browse through the sections  by pressing the UP and DOWN keys on your phone

B) You can search for Section No. (e.g. 174 A IPC) and get the definition

1) Just type


in the box


2) You get the

definition of s. 174A


C) You can search for some Keyword (e.g. Abetment). You would get a list of Sections to which the Keyword could refer, and then select the Section relevent for your need.

1) Type


in the box. See a

list of keywords

related to

Abetment. Make

your selection


 3) Click on "107"

to get the


of Abetment




2) Get a list of


(107-117, 305, 306

etc) which pertain

to the keyword "abetment"


Furthermore, in IPC, you can also search for Cognizability (i.e. "which are the Cognizable sections of IPC) , Bailability (i.e. "which are the Bailable sections of IPC), Court by which triable (i.e. "which penal sections of IPC are triable by Court of Sessions, JM of First Class, Any JM, etc.) and Punishments (i.e. "which penal sections have Life imprisonment, Rigorous Imprisonment for 10 years, 7 years, etc)

Thus, Dacoity is Cognizable ('Y' for Yes),

non-Bailable('N' for No), triable by Sessions

Court (denoted by 'S') and Punishment is Life or 10

years Rigorous Imprisonment ('L' or 'RI 10')

Please also see a 5-minute training video in the Videos section

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